The Universe and Sweet Peas

This is how the Universe works.
Couple of days ago I was talking to my life time friend Marysia and in the conversation sweet peas came up. Sweet peas are related to my childhood in Lublewo and are for always attached to my Mom. She used to plant them at the fence so that the plant climbed the fence and beautify embellished coarse wires with its flowers. Flowers were pretty but it's not what I remember the most. The smell of sweet peas in the evening after the sun sets is unforgettable. Sweet and distinctive, like nothing else. I remember my Mom would sit at the terrace and breath in the smell of summer. We would sometimes sit there together and use our senses to admire the beauty of the world around us. 
How I miss Her, sweet peas and these evenings -  I would think after the conversation I had with Marysia. Yesterday I was sitting and smoking a cigarette on the sun deck in the place where I'm renting now and what I see is are sweet pea flowers climbing up the fence.
This is how the Universe works.

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