Every moment is good to change everything

It's time to decide what's really is important in life. I want to believe that I'm in a point that such decisions should be made. Don't want to be a teenager forever and I think that to certain extand that's what's been happening for a while. I decided tame my teenager in me, not to say goodbye alltogether as I love this crazy girl but... she needs to abdicate and give a way to a woman - a clever, strong, self-aware woman who I am but tend to forget about it.

Every moment is good to change everything.
And I need this change.

I want to be a better person for myslef because I deserve good things. A long way ahead of me but I'm worth it. And this is a change itself that I can finally say: I deserve good things from other people and from myslef. I should be my best friend.

I've come down a long way. I'm ready for the new to come.

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  1. :*:*:*:* Sending LOTS of love from Warsaw:)))
    And a good video:

  2. Thank you, thank you, tahnk you :-)