Back to Asia 2010. Can anyone call my parents?

I spent five hours at the Kiev Airport waiting for my flight last night, not knowing when the plane will depart and luckily I had made some friends on a plane from Warsaw. Luckily as the woke me up to board as I fell asleep on a bench. The flight was smooth, I slept it through. The flight attendants'd wake me up for food and I continue sleeping. Woke up in Bankgok.  I can say that I love flying from now on.

Went through customs smoothly. At the desk I met Zenia, a girl from Ukraine who was looking for a comapny to get to the town. I had a plan to stay in a Silom district, which here is called a Grand Bangkok, but was told into going to the Overstay Hostel. I was supposed to take a public transport but ended up going on the semi-public shuttle bus from the airprty to the area of Kho San Road (150 BTH, 30 BTH=USD1). Got off the bus and scamming's started. 'Lady, lady taxi?'. We knew the address and also knew that it can't be far away from where we were but the taxi drivers and tuk-tuk drivers didn't give up in telling us that the hostel was far far away and that we needed to pay at least 500BTH. But we are well travelled smatr girls and called the owner of the hostel who told us that 50 BTH on a taxi is a max we should pay. Provided we found a taxi driver who'd take us 'on a meter'. Luckily we found one who didn't speak English. We said the name of the street, repeted a few times and sat there hoping that he understood. He did with the help from his friends and a ride worth of 80 BTH.
Getting of, meeting the owner:-) A guy from Israel, dreadlocked, his pants down so that everybody sees his pubic hair. Why not naked then? We are led to the room... not too bad but not too good as well but I've decided to be open to what BKK gives me. We decided that we are not taking a dorm but a room. Had buy a lock, were given and additionalbed and all this for 150BTH for two. Beggars are not choosers :-)
The are where we're staying is four kilometers from Kho San Road, far enough not to meet to many tourists and not to be nagged by streetvendors, which is really good. Went out for food, got local prices so everybody is happy.
And that's cool. When I got to the town I had a feeling that cthis is the place I really want to be. Asia is a place where I want to be. And so I've started thinking what I should do to stay here longer. I've realised that this is my place. I love palms and banana trees here. It will be difficult to stay in BKK but maybe Cambodia'll bring something  good and if not Cambodia then Vietnam. But Asia is the place.
Can anyone call my parents tonight at 58 6827078 and tell them I'm ok?

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