Questions from Malaysians and my Contemplations about Stuff, Plus Some Press

Interesting here is that 89% of people I talk to is interested in: firstly, my marital status, secondly my age and thirdly, my confession.
It's just right after I pronounce my name when the question pops up: "Are you married?" "No", I respond. Hmmm, they look at me surprised and ask me why it is that I haven't tied a knot yet. Well, then I go round in circles... you know, it hasn't happend to  me yet... What am I supposed to tell them? Should I tell them that each time I hooked up with somebody there has always been something wrong from the very beginning (apart form one time in high school)? I was either too young, or he was too old; timing not right... circumstances.... somebody else interfered... not enough faith that things will work out... too fast, too slow, bad vibes, horoscopes not compatible... Should I tell them that basically I attract men who are incapable of making any serious commitments telling me, that's from recent experiences: "Let's not plan. You never know what the future holds." Sure, for fuck sake, nobody knows. 'You never know what the future holds'- a stupid-childish-get lost mate excuse. So what do I say? I say that I'm too young to get married :-)

'How old are you?' Twenty-seven, going twenty-eight. Uuuuuuu, they look at me surprised and scratch their heads scrutinizing my face, checking me out top-bottom. Too young?! 'Girl,'they seem to want to tell me', you are miles behind the hills already!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!! To young, right. And so they share their stories: got married at the age of 18, have three or four children and they are happy. Actually, I was tempted to write that they are not but people I've met are happy. And I can see it. Maybe they think less with their heads and more with their hearts. Whatever it is, they can't believe that at my age I haven't got a family. I can't believe it myself, to be honest.

I've never said that I don't want to raise the family. I want. A lot. Yes, I dream about a little house in the country, a garden, a cat sitting on a fence, children running around and me sitting in a rocking chair waiting for my beloved hubby to come back from work. And so what? So why do I feel like an idiot? Why do I think that this dream is soooo outdated, naive and childish. And yes, I know that a little house will turn into something like a sad block of flats without a garden but... but a dream is a dream.
I feel grown up enough to have such a dream. I've done things, I'm still doing them. I've had enough time to find out things about myself and the world. I'm ready to start another chapter in my life. Being a teenager for the whole life is not fun, I think. Hmmm, anyway I feel like an idiot writing it. And why? Because that's not what one should say. No, no, no... It's too serious. And we don't like serious there days.

I was supposed to go on to the third question about the confession but... but I'll return to it later. The previous two drained me a bit and a headache started. :-)

A few updates from the press.

1. About the abused maid from Indonesia

The accused couple claimed trial two days ago. They face charges for human trafficking, for which maximum sentence id 20 years behind the bars. 

Governments in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur stated that the case is a criminal case and not government-to-government issue. At the same time, the government in Jakarta thanked the Malaysian officials for handling the case so quickly.


In a nutshell: they are illegal. The government and the police are very serious about any psychoactive substances. For distributing drugs, under Segtion 39B of the Drugs Act 1952, there is a MANDATORY DEATH PENALTY through hanging. So drugs here is a big no-no. Recently I have read about two cases related to the issue: one about a rais organised but the anti-drugs police, a raid on a durian plantation. Lots of stuff was fund - I haven't got a newspaper with me now, but mostly synthetics. The other case - a student caught... Poor guy will have lots of trouble.
So guys, if you think about using in Malaysia - think twice. Not a good idea.

3. Education

I wrote before that Malaysia aims at improving their educational system so students become competitive and knowledgeable workforce domestically and internationally. Here is a comment about domination of Western theories and ideas about politics, economy and communication. The comment was made by former prime minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when addressing more than 500 students at University Sains Islam Malaysia (Usim). He said that Western political, economical and communicative theories failed to deliver best solutions to the world's problems and that Muslims shout strive to come up with their own solutions. "Because we are so tied up with these Western philosophies, the world is faced with moral, social and economic crises. We have begun to feel that what we have inherited and what is taught in Islam is not appropriate and outdated. We even feel lowly when faces with theories and thoughts from the West, although theirs are not religion-based," said the ex-prime minister. He also called for making passion for knowledge, exploration and research adding that if these disappear, Muslims will be colonized.

There's soooo much more to it but I'll finish here as the clock is ticking, the Internet is relatively expensive and my head is going to explode in a sec, so I'm off to get some fresh air and a cigarette.... What?! It just doesn't make any sense. Whatever.

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