Fighting with a cocroach

I have many things to write about but the cocroach fight that I've just been through seems to be the number one of the day. So, as I wrote on my FB wall, I'm staying in one of the shabbiest places ever. The hostel is far form de luxe. My room has a table, fan and a very simple mattress. The bed liniens are stained but hopefully clean. No windows. Reminds me of a room in Cambodia U rented two years ago at the begining of my stay in Siem Reap. There's no light in the toliet, which causes some troubles at night. Touching the seat is an option but... you just squat and hope that you haven't shitted the place all over. I bought a light bulb last night but there's a problem with cords and nobody seems to be interested in fixing it. Oh well.
But it was supposed to be about the cocroach.
I'm coming back from the town, opening the door and it's there. A big fucker with a meter long feelers. What do I do? I run downstairs and ask for a repellent. No such a thing I need to get one form Seven Eleven. Going there, getting the stuff, comong back... Being afraid of opening the door, not mentioning facing the enemy. Opened the door, it's gone. I know that the fucker is hiding away. Where? Anywhere... It can be in my backpack, under the talble... Can anyone help me please? Luckily the somebody is coming. I'm asking for the assistance. 'You know', I'm saying,' I know that it's ridiculous but I'm bloody scared or roaches and can you, please, kill the thing for me?'. The guy looks at me with sympathy, enters the room and sparys the roach to death. Thanks God! It's dead. It was two hours ago and I haven't retured to the room. I think I'll be sleeping on a bar tonight. I know that I should be used to all insectst by now but.... I just hate them and the are really big. What can I do?
I've sparayed the whole room. It's probably for nothing but gives me some consolation.

What else?

I went for a walk around the town today. I decided to get lost in Bangkok and actually I've managed to do so. I walked the streets not much walked by tourists. I went to a flea market where people sell everything possible. I found a shop where buddahs are produced, I saw a shop where paitings of the royal family are paited in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to shops here it's wery similar to what I saw in China and Vietnam. Streets specialize in selling one given thing. So, I found a Buddah shop and following this there were tens of similar businesses. Next street - furniture, next one - uniforms for policmen and miltary officers and so on. Lots and lots of small factories actually. Farctories which in houses. People live and work there.
On my way back home, when I was trying to find a way home, I encountered people working out in a square. That's what I remeber from Phuket: everyday at given time people gather and work out together. There are tens of them. Music blasts from loudspeakers, it looks fantastic. And Thai people are really good at aerobics.

I bought a ticket to Malayasia for the day after tomorrow. I'm going there for two weeks to see Annis, a guy I met in Cambodia two year ago. I'm planning to stay with his family and see how people in Malaysia live. I don;t know if I'll manage to do much more than this due to a very limited budget. I have to get to Cambodia and start earning money soon.

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