A trip to Malaysia

It was supposed to be a direct bus from BKK to KL. It was supposed to be there at 7 p.m on the September 12th. It was...
I got on the bus on time with seven other people who were going to the islands. I was the only one heading KL which didn't bothe me too much as I still believed I was going there on one and the same bus. We started at 7 p.m on the 9/11. Bags in the storage and off we go. I was tired so I fall asleep immediately, the we stopped for some food and a cigarette. In the bus again. Then at 4 am the driver woke us up and quick, quick off the bus. What the hell? So I knew that there is no direct bus to KL any more. We are waiting. Meanwhile the people travelling with me discover that their bags were searched through. Mine as well. But nothing was taken as there wasn't anything of any value for out Thai friends. But the feeling wasn't particularly comfortable. It's like somebody burgles your home... So we are waiting. I'm going to a lady at the counter of someting that was supposed to resemble tourist agency and asked after my bus. It'll be in 20 minutes I heared. OK!!! Cool! But the bus didn't come. A pickup drove by an really ugly, old, one-eyed Thai did and I was asked to get in a car. What?! Sure you didn't confuse me with somebody else? Am I really supposed to go with this man? My mother told me once never to get in a car with strange men, especially at 4.30 am somewhere in SEA. It's pitch black dark, humid, the only sounds you hear are crickets and dogs barking in the distance. Well. what the hell, I thought. I need to go, I need to go. If he wants to kill me, he will kill me anyway :-) Luckily the driver wasn't interested at all in killing, raping or stealing. Dropped me off at yet another agency. What? I was ordered to wait to be picked up to the bus station. Before that, however, I was scammed. Actually I allowed this. So the lady told me that I won't get to Malaysia without a return ticket, which, of course, I have to purchase from her. A return ticket? I've never read anything about a need on one. I resisted at first but she was so persistent that I gave up and bought it. Shit!!! I knew that any word she was saying was true. Where is my common sense? Anyway, I ended up being escorted to yet another waiting place, where I was told that the BUS departs at 6.30 so I had an hour to kill. In a nutshell, there wasn't any bus. There was a mini van that didn't leave the city until if got full, of course.
Will I be in KL at 7 pm? No way!!!, somebody told me. OK. No problem. That all happened in Surat Thani.
Ok, I'm in a van happy that the journey had started again and I was moving forward. Are we going to KL now? NO!!!!! The next stop is in Hat Yai, the town 4 hours from the Malaysian border. Hmmm. Another 4 hours in a nini van in the company of people from the Czech and a guy from Alaska. The time flew quiclky. At the border it was crazy!!! Apparently the ramadan had finished few days before and Muslims from Malaysia were travelling to and from Thailand going or returning from their holiday. Hmmm, so many things have to be taken into consideration when traveling. I'd never come up with an idea of checking a Muslim calendar. It was a mayhem at the border but surprisingly it took us only 2 hours to get through. Happy that I'm already on the other side I'm asking: are we going to KL now? Hahahah, no.
Phanang is the next stop. We'll be there at 4 6 pm. Aha. And when in Kl? Nobody knows. I wasn't so much worried about the delay but about the fact that Annis, my Malaysian friend, told me he'll be waiting for me in KL.
It's late afternoon and we're getting to Phanang. What about KL? The bus to KL at 22.00pm and in KL at 4 am on the 13th. At least I got something concrete. Luckily I wasn't alone. I met Olivier who was going to Borneo through KL and again the time flew fast on chatting, eating and smoking cigarettes. Well, I was smoking. Of course the bus was late. In the end I got to KL in the morning and was picked up by Annis.

- there's no direct bus from BKK to KL
- be prepared for bags searching when on the bus
- be patient
- stay cool
- enjoy the experience.

I've been to Malaysia for 4 days now. I haven't seen much yet apart from everyday laife of my froend Annis and his fiance, which is the topic for next post.

I have the whole time in the world to read, sit and take notes. I can sleep as much as I want and I cook for my friend Polish cusine. Today we are having golabki. Last night Annis cooked Indian curry that took my breath away. The day before yesterday Annis's girlfriend cooked. And so we're finding a commomn platform in the kitchen.
Miss you all people there!!!!

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