Melaka, Malacca... a day in the town

I was supposed to go to the jungle but my friend Annis disappeared for two days without telling me where he was going. The problem was the I had the keys to the house and I didn't want to leave the house. So I stayed in for the whole day yesterday, which was nice after the two whole days spent in Kuala Lumpur running around the city. Today though, I woke up and decided that I have to do something no matter what and took off to Malacca. It's only an hour bus ride from Seremban, where I'm staying so I as well could always come back if Annis called me.
Good decision!!! Had a great time, took some nice pictures, which I'll upload later. History? Well, if anybody interested find out in Wikipedia, there lot's of info on the net :-)

Everybody is really friendly here in Malaysia. I guess I like it here more than in Thailand which the country got so much spoilt by tourists that they don't care any more. Here taxi drivers don't nag you, you don't want to go, you don't go - just say it and nobody will follow you, which at times is strange... all in all you get used to this Asian-lady, lady tuk-tuk style after being here for a while. In Cambodia, when I finally get there, I'll have a lot of pestering for sure.

 I'm so happy that I'm here. And I'm even happier that I'm doing all these things by myself. Of course, sometimes it wuold be nice to have somebody to talk to, but then... well, people will approach me and talk, so actually the problem is solved. I have a voice recorder on me too - when worst comes to worst, I can always talk to myself, can't I? Travelling solo is good. It gives you the feeling that you can do things yourself. It tests your patience and stamina, your mental strenght. You start believing in your abilities: you have to face some challenges, you are responsible for yourself. Nobody here. Just you... Just me. Without a map even.

Travelling without a map

This is maybe not the best idea but gives you some thrills. I didn't have a map of Kuala Lumpur and managed to explore the city. It's good to read some thing on the Net, though. It definitely saves time but then... I ask people, students usually. Or I stumble on some sites and here we go... a nice surprise. Something interesting. But basically, apart from the Internet people are my sources of information. I talk to them when the wait for buses, in temples, in the street, in shops, everywhere. And they are willing to talk, which is fantastic. But if somebody doesn't like getting lost and roaming around, a map will do and a guidebook. But... no matter what, there must be some kind of a plan. My plan is to get to this National Park and cross the world's longest suspended bridge. Maybe tomorrow will be the day :-)? Me don't know it yet.

I can't wait Cambodia though. Cambodia, Cambo, Bodia... Angkor... Mmmmmm....

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