Shopping in Malaysia

Thailand was cheap but here prices are the same as at home. I went shopping a few times already and to my horror I spent more than I'd  ever expected to spend in SEA,

So if anyone is interested here are exapmles of prices (1RM=1PLN)

- 300g minced chicken meat - 8.15RM
- 4 prawns - big ones - 11.02 RM
- 4 tomatoes - 2.30 RM
- a small coconut milk - 1.50RM
- tom yum paste - 3.40 RM
- cabbage (medium size) - 4.00 RM

The shopping was done in Tesco, which here is called JUSCO.

Eating out is cheaper a bit than cooking at home and that's why we prefer cooking home. Though, sometimes Annis brings some Indian food for a change. People here really know how to prepare curry, masalas and all that stuff that back home cost a fortune. I've learnt how to cook an Indian curry - I'm adding the recipe to my list of cusine from SEA. I can't wait to cook it for friends.

Today is my turn to cook again!!! :-) Meat balls on the menu.
Cheers everybody!

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