A Little Girl

I have two little girsl inside me!!!My own and a tenant. I found yesterday and I'm getting more and more excited. I don't mind boys but at least initially I think it will be a bit easier to connect with the little Lady. Until when she is around 15 and then she will tell me that I suck big time. I still remember. I read somewhere recently that parents should be prepared to be hated by their kids and if they think they should always be liked by them - they are in trouble. But before this comes we have few years of some other stuff than teenage rage. So,  a Little Girl! I will have a daughter! She is healthy and strong, and growing. She already hears what is going on around us, she hears me singing songs in Polish, English, Spanish, French and Hindi. So far I haven't noticed any language preferences. And she started to more which is so funny. Funny, funny, funny. When I lay on my back and I feel her swimming in the belly, it gives me giggles.

Grow there Little Lady and I will see you soon. 

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