Lots of Good News

Yesterday was packed with good news. 

News One

I'm getting a new work contract and the raise. Not a massive one but a raise nevertheless - the money that will belong to my daughter because I decided that from day one she will have her budget. I will see what it works like when I start practicing. My school is amazing and I could not ask for more. Not only are my co-workers greatly supportive but also the management do everything in their power to make my life easier. Thumbs up and if everybody worked in places like this one, we would be less frustrated.

News Two

My school is going PYP (IB Primry Years Programme). We start in 2016 and my campus is the first one in the school's system that will offer the programme. Sounds like a lot of work ahead butwith a lot of work come real professional profits. After a while, when I learn how to teach in the IB frame, hopefully more door will open to other schools around the world. So yay!!! What a great opportunity.

News Three

It was a payday yesterday - bills paid, money put aside. I like paying bills and each month I do it with more pleasure than obligation. Paying bills means that: a. I have money to do it, b. I have work, c. I made another month of my life possible. All this means that I'm more fortunate than most people around the world.

News Four and the Biggest One


She is a mom of one of the teachers and she's raised three generations of little peopl so I trust she will know what she will be doing. Well, she will know more than I would anyway. She agreed on the money I offered and now I just need to meet her and we are ready to go. It's amazing! Absolutely amazing.

I know that I can plan as much as I want and life can turn out differently but havinng some sort of a framework makes me calmer. Knowing that my job is secure and has opportunities to develop makes me elated. Knowing that possibly I will be able to give my daughter good education becasue of my skills makes me proud of myself. Knowing that I have help from people around me gives me a huge relief and makes me feel a part of a community.

So much to be thankful for.

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