Miss Ania But You Don't Have a Husband!!!

The day had come and I had to tell my students about the Baby in the belly. I'm getting bigger, parents are bringing me baby things and my students are not blind to all this. On top of that, on Friday at lunchtime one of the girls casually asked if it was true that there is a baby in my belly. I said that it was to which I heard: cool. And the conversation ended there. I was very impress with this girl's manners. No pushing, no further questions. She just asked me later if I knew if it was a girl or a boy and  I told her that I would tell her on Tuesday when I find out myself. Finished. I was super surprised that she didn't share her knowledge with anyone else, at least there wasn't any sudden eruption of questions and speculations.

Today morning I spoke to the parents as always in the morning and we talked about the Baby in front of the kids and I knew that the time had come. So I sat down and calmly told them that there is a little girl living in my belly. Few of them were surprised. Some of them had already known. obviously - again - very tactful not to spread any gossip before information was confirmed. Clever kids! 

The baby news was an easy one to digest. But then the other issue arose: Miss Ania but you don't have a husband. No, I don't. Silence. But you need a husband to have a baby. No, not a husband necessary and I was really scared that they will ask for more clarification. Instead the comment was: "That is so weird." Oh yes, that is so weird indeed. I wondered later if they know how babies get to the belly. They surely know that there are two people involved but I'm curious if they think that a dad puts a baby into mom??? I didn't dare to ask. I said: it was a miracle - or something like this... That's where the talk ended. We moved onto a more burning issue: an earthquake in Nepal and other global issues.

At least this conversation is behind me. In a few years time I will have another one with the Little Girl who will certainly ask me one day about her dad. I'm already playing in my head different versions of the answer and I still don't know what I'll say. Surely, she will not be satisfied with a brief, laconic answer so I better come up with something not very hurtful but genuine and truthful. Before that happens, however, I still have some time to think.

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