Helena's Citizenships

So we're working on Helena's citizenships - it's not the easiest thing to get done - Thais love their papers and we need to wait for everything and make few more trips to the almighty Cheang Wattana - a governmental offices complex that reminds me Kafka. Hopefully, we will get all so important stamps tomorrow and we will be able to register Helena as a French citizen. Seems like the French have the most friendly administration. In the Polish embassy, I was told that getting Helena's passport will take quite a long time, the woman at the counter rolled her eyes when she told me that making it clear that the process will be convoluted.  Never mind, really as long as she has some sort of a travelling document - so far she's been a non-citizen though a legally recognized by the two parents. Soon, Helena will be not only Mulica but also Sibileau, the little Polsh-French citizen but mostly the citizen of the world. Yay!!! My Little Monkey!

My Little Monkey is the most beautiful and the gentlest little girl in the world. She has her weaker moments when she will cry but she always has a good reason to raise a alarm. Otherwise she is happy and content. We can take her out, walk with her for hours and she will rarely complain. She is friendly and loves hanging out with us. She gives us houndreds of smiles each day and when she smiles, it feels like the whole Universe smiles to us. She is the best! I can't even say how happy I am being her mom, looking after and helping her. I'm so happy that her dad loves her as well, and he does love this little girl like from here to the Moon and back - Our Little Polish-French Baby Girl.

So much for writing... the Little One is waking up.

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