Home Sweet Home?

We are back home.

I want to be back by the sea!
It was the quickest holiday in the world. And a very good one as well. Hard at times but good. We are good around each other. We like each other and we love Helena. That has to be good enough.

I will try and make myself believe that this is really what I think about this compromise. All will take time. Time, time, time.

And I need to remember that patience is the key to everything. Patience, stillness, open and clear mind, open heart... all these will help to rebuild peace. 

And now... sleep time. A good night sleep next to my princess who was also not very content this evening that we didn't take her for a walk on the beach. Soon we will be back in the sand again. Very soon: I just need to save up some money and we will be on holiday again.

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