A Big Challenge

I am certainly not perfect and though that is perfectly ok and though I am trying to work on myself daily, there are still things that need to be changed to make my life and lives of thise around me easier and less stressful.

I have collected thousands of things and got lost among them. It's official. I won't even pretend that it's othewise any more. I It's a mess!!!

I came to Thailand with two suitcases and when I look around now... it would take a van to move me around. A van or a small truck. Things, things, things everywhere things. And I guess it would be fine that things are there but I've lost control over them.

In this pile of disorganised things, I lost  a very important document. Got me to tears yesterday, kicked me on my ass and made me rethink myself a bit. So, I have a resolution for the coming weeks and months, and years: to free some space and energy by getting better organized so that I don't have to cry and stress out any more. I feel horrible about losing this thing, embarrassed. Momenrs before, I tried to prove that oh, I know where everything is and please get off me. And then boom!!! I don't know where is one of the most important things. Bravo! In the fit I just wanted to get rid of everything and be only surrounded by the four walls.

So, freeing space and decluttering are my goals for the weekend. I will need a Hercules to help me.

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